Professional Fence Staining in Dallas, TX

If you have recently installed a wood fence, made some repairs, or have noticed that your fence is weathered and gray then you should consider protecting it. Untreated fences in Dallas left exposed to the elements have short lifespans. Insects and moisture will find there way into untreated fences resulting in damage and the costs for replacement can be expensive.

Your choice of color

A quality fence stain is the best way to protect your fence from damage. We suggest a contractor grade stain which we purchase and mix to the color of your choosing but we can use any quality product commercially available. Talk to our experts to find out what is best for your taste and the life of your fence.

fence colors


Prepping the fence for stain

It is important to prep your fence so that it will accept the stain product. We apply a low pressure cleaner and wash the fence 24-48 hours before staining. The fence will need to dry once its cleaned to properly accept the stain.

fence stain


Protecting your vegetation and property

Many fences in Dallas have plants growing on or near them. Before we begin the staining process, it is important to protect the plants in the flower beds that run along your fence. For example, if you have plants with vines growing on your fence, you will need to determine the best way to protect them, if possible, or remove them.

We also work around pools and patio furniture. We carry a wide assortment of tarps large and small to protect your pool, patio furniture and other property.

Benefits of fence staining

Seal and waterproof your wood
Protect your wood against mildew
Shield your wood from harmful UV rays
Restore your weathered wood
Prolong overall life of  your fence
Adds value
Color options